“Investigating Duterte? Might as well investigate Año”- KARAPATAN-SMR

MAY 26, 2015

DAVAO CITY- With the call by an international human rights group to reinvestigate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for his alleged role in summary killings in the city, a local human rights alliance echoes the long sleeping case of grave abuse by Maj. Gen. Eduardo Año, current chief of the 10th IDPA.

KARAPATAN-SMR spokesperson Hanimay Suazo says that before Año was known as 10th IDPA’s chief, his role in the abduction of farmer-activist Jonas Burgos already stank across various human rights organizations.

“Even before the current lawlessness by state-organized paramilitry forces, the military encampment in lumad schools in the countryside, to attacks against leaders of mass movements all done by the 10th IDPA in Southern Mindanao region, the name ‘Eduardo Año’ already rang deathbells in the ears of human rights groups, particularly his promotion as chief of the Intelligence Services of the AFP (ISAFP) back in 2012.”

“Año’s promotion was met with national indignation. For many, it meant that forced disappearances are set to continue, if not intensify, under the Aquino regime,” Suazo said.

According to Suazo, the trademark of the 10th IDPA under Año was the string of trumped-up charges against leaders of progressive organizations who have repeatedly voiced dissent and advocated for change.

Suazo also laments that in Año’s term , schools in rural areas that mainly serve marginalized indigenous youth, are encamped by military forces, if not fired upon.

Suazo particularly cites the paramilitary group Alamara, which has terrorized both parents and youth in Kapalong, Davao del Norte, by telling them that they are dying to slash the students of the alternative schools in the area, or to burn the schools down.

“From Talaingod to Compostela Valley, schools have become warzones. This is the case as Año continues to nod to military operations that see alternative learning centers as communist propaganda. But the truth is, these are community efforts to provide the basic social services the Aquino regime and its warfreak lapdog AFP have been unavailable to provide, due to their flawed and poor implementation of the lousily conceived Oplan Bayanihan,” Suazo said.

Suazo urged that the international human rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) set its eyes as well to the AFP’s long list of grave abuses, particularly of the 10th IDPA under Año.




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