The People Will Paint the Town Red against This Yellow Martial Law

WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE Lumad who sought shelter in UCCP Haran after their communities were militarized once again experience an assault to their human rights. Pictured above is Demon Manayab, a two-year old child who sustained burns from the fire (Photo by Kilab Multimedia).
WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE Lumad who sought shelter in UCCP Haran after their communities were militarized once again experience an assault to their human rights. Pictured above is Demon Manayab, a two-year old child who sustained burns from the fire (Photo by Kilab Multimedia).

(Statement on the commemoration of the EDSA 1 Revolution and the current human rights violations in the region)

It has been 30 years after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship, yet not much has changed for the people.

Human rights continue to plague lumads, peasants, agri-workers especially in Southern Mindanao where 57 defenders against mining, plantations and militarization here have been killed by suspected state forces.  Seven of them were killed in 30 days from January to February.

Sectors such as church people, students, professionals, and others are under assault by fascist state forces, who label this enraged population as threats to national security.They display their sickening brutality with trumped-up charges against leaders of people’s organizations.

For them, if they cannot silence the defenders, they might as well burden them with legal actions, thus bastardizing the legal system and mock our democratic rights as a people.

In the past six years, Southern Mindanao has seen the increase of six battalions deployed to the region, along with even more sickening tactics to quash the people’s defiance. The recent torching incident in the lumad evacuation camp in UCCP Haran and the military attacks in Sitio Diat, Post Four, Brgy. Napnapan in Compostela Valley show how savage the Aquino regime is.

The dark days of Martial Law may be over, but the sickening rule of the military over the countrysides and the attack on our legal democratic rights show that the abuses of the state continue to haunt us.

But where there is oppression, it breeds resistance. Where the attacks and plunder continue, so does the peoples’ movement grow. Everyday more Filipinos are awakened to the horrors of state fascism, to the corruption in government, and ineptness over the many ills in society.

The communities in Southern Mindanao may see zones of military rule and plunder from mining and plantations. But more are taking on these tyrants in the streets and in their own land.  The people’s continuing resistance will show that democracy and human rights are superior over the desperate attempts of the regime to silence dissent.

The people of Southern Mindanao do not forget the dark days of Martial Law, for they are living in the same worse conditions under the yellow skies of the Aquino. And so, the resistance continues. We survived Marcos’ Martial Law. We will do so again in Aquino’s regime.





We are reposting the declaration of “Persona Non Grata” status to Nancy Catamco by the 700 Manobo evacuees led by the lumad leaders of the Salugpungan Ta Tanu Igkanugon (Unity in Defense of the Ancestral Land).

BLESS THIS GROUND AND FORBID THAT WOMAN Lumad who have evacuated in UCCP Haran hold up a banner declaring Rep. Nancy Catamco
BLESS THIS GROUND AND FORBID THAT WOMAN Lumad who have evacuated in UCCP Haran hold up a banner declaring Rep. Nancy Catamco “Persona Non Grata”. (Photo by Kilab Multimedia, Caption by Samuel dela Cruz)

We, leaders of the Salugpungan Ta Tanu Igkanugon, do hereby declare a persona non grata status to Rep. Nancy Catamco, for her:

1) Deception of over 700 lumad evacuees in UCCP Haran last July 16, where she brought B/Gen. Alexander Balutan of the 10th ID and Col. Harold Cabreros of the 1003rd Bde, PA, and their intelligence cohorts into the evacuation area without the prior knowledge of the evacuees and their support groups. This illegal entry of the military forces posed significant danger to the refugees;

2) Disrespect for the lumad leaders from Talaingod and Kapalong, Davao del Norte,and from San Fernando, Bukidnon, by questioning the legitimacy of their status as leaders;

3) Siding with the military, as manifested in her refusal to heed and understand the calls of the evacuees for the pull-out of military forces in their communities, thus becoming an AFP spokesperson;

4) Twisting of facts during and after the dialogue, which obscured the reality of intense militarization in the countryside and the genuine struggle of us lumads for our rights;

5) Insensitivity to our current situation, when she called our children “stinky”, and the lumad population “ignorant”;

6) Surrender of her lumad status by her clear collaboration with state elements who threaten the lives and cultures of lumads.

We hereby close all avenues of interaction with Catamco. She also cannot enter the grounds of our evacuation site here in UCCP Haran, or in our communities in Talaingod

Many times in the past we have taken part in dialogues mediated by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and many times we have been treated with respect and understanding, our side heard and articulated fairly by Mayor himself. Such are the kind of dialogues that we will willingly enter, not the ones where Nancy Catamco presides and steps on our human rights and dignities.

Here we also reaffirm that we are the true leaders of the people in Talaingod, not the IPMR leaders under the NCIP, which have become the current puppies of the reactionary government of the US-Aquino regime.

Given this day July 22, 2015,

Datu Doloman Dawsay

Datu Ginom Andel

Benito Bay-ao

Kailo Bontulan

Mission Statement of “An Hour of Hell in Paradise”, the Report of the Findings in the National Fact-finding Mission in Paquibato

Photo of Aida Seisa’s Residence (ASR), in Purok 7, Brgy. Paradise Embac, Paquibato, Davao City, where the Paquibato Massacre occurred.
Photo of Aida Seisa’s Residence (ASR), in Purok 7, Brgy. Paradise Embac, Paquibato, Davao City, where the Paquibato Massacre occurred. (c) Laz Olalo

The National Fact-finding Mission in Paquibato was a response to the need to ascertain the details of events that transpired early dawn of June 14, 2015, in Purok 7, Barangay Paradise Embac, Paquibato District, Davao City. The house of Aida Seisa, secretary-general of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas-Southern Mindanao Region (KMP-SMR) and vice-chairperson of SABOKAHAN Confederation of Lumad Women, was indiscriminately fired by elements of the 69th Infantry Battalion. This killed three civilians, maimed a child, and then displaced other individuals who were present in Seisa’s home.

After data have been gathered, recorded, checked, processed, and reviewed once again, the participating organizations stand by mission report, asserting the following:

1) Aida Seisa, and the victims of massacre, namely: Datu Ruben Enlog, Randy Carnasa, and Oligario Quimbo, referred as the “Paquibato 3 Massacre” are of civilian status. Seisa, Enlog, and Carnasa have been active members of people’s organization particularly Paquibato District Peasant Alliance (PADIPA) vehement in their opposition to the militarization of Paquibato, which had resulted to various human rights violations before the strafing incident last June 14;

2) Contrary to the claims of the military, Seisa and her deceased companions are not members of the armed group New People’s Army, nor the firearms and explosives recovered by the police in the area of the incident owned by the three deceased;

3) Seisa and Enlog have been previous victims of harassment, vilification, surveillance, and attempts to life by the military and suspected state agents. Their clamor for an end to these atrocities committed against them have culminated to various dialogues with the LGU of Davao City, particularly a one-on-one discussion with City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte April of this year;

4) That Aida Seisa, her family, and the Paquibato 3, have been subjected to a long recurring phenomenon of surveillance, harassments and vilification campaigns by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This is due to their opposition to rampant militarization of civilian communities, along with the planned entry of foreign corporations interested in the plunder of national resources, resulting to the displacement of peasants and indigenous peoples from their lands. This is the highlight of the Aquino administration’s counterinsurgency program Oplan Bayanihan.

With these, we recommend the following:

1. Further inquiry into the matter by police and local government units, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), Department of Justice (DOJ), human rights committee of the House of Representatives, concurrent with the filing of cases against a certain “1st Lt. Santos” of the 69th IB, who led the persons who committed the Paquibato Massacre, and of Lt. Col. Rodney Intal, who oversaw the killings; and other officers and elements of 69th IBPA responsible of the crime including their paramilitaries, military assets, agents and operatives;

2. Pull-out of the 69th IB in Paquibato, and of all other military units in the civilian communities in Paquibato District, who are conducting military offensives in all forms against civilians;

3. End of the counterinsurgency program Oplan Bayanihan, and prosecution of all human rights violators especially in the AFP and its agents;

4. For Pres. Benigno Simeon Aquino III, with less than a year left in his administration, to show sincerity in the Resumption of peace talks between the Government of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.
With this in mind, we submit this report, in effort to bring justice to the Paquibato 3, Seisa’s family, and all other human rights defenders and communities being targeted by the state.


KARAPATAN-Southern Mindanao
Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas – SMR
PASAKA Regional Lumad Confederation


Justice for the Victims of Paquibato Massacre!

(We are reposting the official statement of PASAKA Confederation of Lumad Organizations in Southern Mindanao. Aida Seisa, a Bagobo-Djangan, and Ruben Enlog, a Ata, were members of PASAKA.)

JUNE 15, 2015

On midnight of June 14, an unknown number of forces from the 69th IB strafed the residence of well-known peasant and IP leader Aida Seisa which resulted to the killing of three people and wounded one of her children.

The three dead are Ruben Enlog, Randy Carnasa, and Garyo Quimbo, all farmers residing within the Paquibato District. Enlog was the leader of NAGKALUPA (Nagkahiusang Lumad Maguuma sa Paquibato/ United Peasant Farmers of Paquibato). Randy Carnasa was a religious leader and former purok president in the area of his death. Garyo Quimbo was guitarist in the church in Sitio Panulawan, Brgy. Malabog.

Datu Ruben Enlog is the 44th victim of extra-judicial killing perpetrated by the AFP in Southern Mindanao under BS Aquino regime.

On the eve of June 14, the family of Aida Seisa was celebrating the birthday of one of her daughters with the rest of the guests when the massacre transpired. Aida and her children were able to escape the incident.

The military photographed the dead bodies and placed explosives and rifles behind their corpses and later the 10th ID claimed them as members of the New People’s Army to the media and public.

The victims were friends of Aida Seisa. Seisa is the secretary-general of Paquibato District Peasant Alliance (PADIPA) and vice-chairperson of SABOKAHAN Confederation of Lumad Women. Seisa has been known as a stalwart opposition to the human rights violations of the AFP in the region, and a vocal leader in the lumad struggle against encroachment by mining operations.

Aida Seisa, along with her now dead companions, are not members of the New People’s Army. They are frontliners in the people’s struggle to uphold human rights and protection of ancestral land.

The AFP are experts in twisting facts and fabricating lies, but no media wordplay will dilute the civilian status of the Paquibato 3. The residents of the area can attest to the fact that the dead were civilians who possessed no arms.

The attempt to Seisa’s life and the death of the Paquibato 3 can only be interpreted as a move by the state to silence the voice of opposition to its subservience and fascism. The AFP’s claims that they have killed NPA’s is aimed towards creating the illusion of legitimacy in claiming the lives of innocent people. The attack to Aida Seisa and the killing of three is an attack to the entire indigenous and peasant population, who in their fight for genuine land reform and right to self-determination have been made targets of state extermination.

The death of the Paquibato 3 that happened only a day after a fact-finding mission in Sitio Quimoted, Paquibato have unravelled the terrorist actions of the 69th IB. This goes to show that the AFP’s fascist character shows no fear over the efforts of the people to expose its crimes, as if to mock them and say that it cannot be punished for its atrocities.

We from PASAKA Confederation of Lumad Organization in Southern Mindanao, condemn in strongest possible term the attempted killing of our kin Aida Seisa and family and the murder of Datu Ruben Enlog, Randy Canasa and Garyo Quimbo. We call for justice for the Paquibato 3. We call for an end to impunity, an end to the red baiting and red tagging of lumads. We demand that the 69th IB be pulled out from Paquibato, along with all the military forces who have brought terror amongst the IP-peasant population in the countryside. We demand that those responsible for the massacre of the Paquibato 3 be punished, along with the many other paid or hired killers of the state like the paramilitary group led by despotic, fake tribal leaders. ###